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To shape the future of our profession; creating a bidding world where inequality no longer exists.

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WIBAP started in 2018 as a direct result of industry research that highlighted gender inequality in our profession. Since then, we have made the exciting decision to reframe our focus and evolve our group to become 'Wellbeing and Inclusion in Bids and Proposals'. 

We are a community of people shine a spotlight on equality and wellbeing for everyone, championing inclusion, and ensuring our discussions address the variety of challenges that bidding professionals of all genders, ages, races and neuro-diversities can face, and how to be an ally to all.

We facilitate networking opportunities to promote conversation and share knowledge and advice; create tool-kits to help individuals and organisations monitor and embrace diversity within their bid and proposal functions; and aim to attract future generations of bidding professionals. 

WIBAP is made possible because of our volunteers and the support and expertise of our network. To find out a little more about them, click here!

*To find out more about this research, take a look into the Strategic Proposals Gender in Work Winning Report and the Bid Solutions 2018 Salary Survey.

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