To shape the future of our profession; creating a bidding world where inequality no longer exists.

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Women in Bids and Proposals (WIBAP) started in 2018 as a direct result of industry research* that highlighted gender inequality in our profession. With no good explanation for this, WIBAP created a community of people - from a variety of roles and industries from all over the world - to support anyone within the bidding profession to remove barriers that prevent them from making progress in their careers. 

We facilitate networking opportunities to promote conversation and share knowledge and advice; create tool-kits to help individuals and organisations monitor and embrace diversity within their bid and proposal functions; and aim to attract future generations of bidding professionals. Currently, we have over 2,500 members. Membership is free and we offer a more human friendly, down-to-earth approach. 

WIBAP is made possible because of seven volunteers and the support and expertise of our network. To find out a little more about them, click here!

*To find out more about this research, take a look into the Strategic Proposals Gender in Work Winning Report and the Bid Solutions 2018 Salary Survey.