Recover and Prosper

We hope you liked the launch of our brand new website, with a renewed vision and mission for WIBAP to continue supporting our members and make positive changes towards gender equality.

All the work we did last year was, ultimately, leading up to this, as we hosted various events throughout 2020 to give you space to chat to fellow bids and proposals people instead of your family/pets/houseplants/all three. We laughed, we almost cried (at some of our bidding mistakes!) and we found new ways to connect to each other.

But as Louise pointed out in her blog on wellbeing, the beginning of 2021 has shown more than ever that this pandemic is a marathon, not a sprint. We cannot predict what's round the corner, all we can do is control how we tackle it - and at WIBAP, we want to do that together.

Which brings us onto our theme for 2021: Recover and Prosper.

For most of us, 2020 was an incredibly tough year, both personally and professionally. Even though the challenges of last year are still with us, a new year brings the possibility of recovery. Recovery, not just from the hard times we've gone through, but also the chance to recover some of the things we may have lost along the way: work/life balance now we all live at work; opportunities for learning and development (no more out-of-office training days); and a sense of wellbeing that we may have let slip between working, homeschooling, and trying to keep our head above water.

On the other hand we know that, despite everything, 2020 was actually a positive year for some of us. Working from home has given many the chance to slow down, reflect, and make decisions for our long term health and careers. Time we once spent commuting we can claim back for ourselves, even using it for 'fake commutes' (check it out, it's a great idea). And for many of us, we don't always have to worry about whether we've done our makeup properly (thanks to Zoom's fake eyebrows and lips!) or getting comments about our clothes in the office. We want to help you continue that momentum into 2021 and prosper in your life and your work.

Recover and Prosper will be our underlying theme across our four seasonal strands this year. Within each of these there are things to address and recover from, and educate ourselves and others so we can move on and grow. We've already had a fantastic discussion about reproduction in the workplace, as part of our Women's World series, talking about how people recover from difficult experiences, and how we can create a better workplace so people can prosper while experiencing conception, pregnancy, birth, and everything in between.

Recovery is an ongoing process, but that doesn't mean it has to be a slog. It's a constant journey towards improvement, and we shouldn't beat ourselves up if we slip occasionally. The same goes for prospering - as people we evolve and adapt, we learn new skills and become even better versions of ourselves.

Let's do it together as WIBAP in 2021 and beyond.

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