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One of the founding principles of WIBAP is that we are, and will remain, driven by the needs of our members – you! Therefore, it is a priority for us to make sure we understand you and your needs really well. The key method we use to gain reliable and quantifiable information is via surveys. Our last survey focussed on what WIBAP can do for you, as well as your views on some workplace equality and bidding challenges – more on the results from that survey below. Our new survey, much like our own mini census, is all about YOU.

In just three short years, this wonderful network has grown to over 1500 members. Initially, we were a small bunch, all based in the UK - as we gathered in pubs after work for a chat - but now, due in part to a very unusual year and the resulting increase in online events, we have found that people are Zooming in from far and wide - we are now a global network!

The fact is, however, that outside of assuming that you work in the bid profession and that most of you are women, we do not definitively know a lot about you. By learning more about who you are, we are hoping to be able to better tailor events and topics that speak to you. So please do participate in the survey, we assure you it is anonymous. Find the survey here.


We thank all of you who participated in our last survey. Although always anonymous, we are still humbled by your willingness to share information on difficult subjects in the comments. The results of this survey have set the direction, not only for the themes and topics of our events, but also for us at WIBAP HQ, your volunteer committee of six. We have refreshed our vision and revitalised our approach to respond to your evolving needs.

It has meant a lot of changes behind the scenes. We have defined our roles; set out a new strategy; developed implementation and comms plans; grown our team to include graphics and branding volunteers, Sophie Goodeve and Emma Vaux; we have learnt new software; built a website; planned events and interviews; undertaken loads of research; produced articles; and become podcasters!

Phew! You asked for it, so we have delivered. Below are some of the key takeaways from the survey results:

Key findings - WIBAP Survey Winter 2020

The top two reasons you gave for joining WIBAP were:

  1. Network and support from like-minded people

  2. Raise (women’s) profile/visibility in our profession, and support diversity and inclusion

We asked: ‘Do you see yourself in a bidding role in 10 years’ time?’ and the results are interesting – one we will be picking up with you again!

 52.94% = Yes / probably

 35.29% = No / hope not

 11.76% = Unsure

We also asked: ‘Do you think you have gained more equality or more confidence to address equality related issues within your business within the past two years?’ This prompted many comments, and a key theme was that you felt your leadership teams were still too male-dominated, affecting your confidence to raise matters of equality.

 45.71% = Yes

 34.29% = No

 20% = Not Sure

You said that the top two challenges faced by you in your bidding capacity were:

  •  Lack of support and respect

  •  Time / buy -n to timeframes / bid turnaround times

You told us that you want WIBAP to prioritise the following:

  •  Expert webinars

  •  Networking opportunities

  •  Blogs and articles

  •  Podcasts

Your first choice is for events to take place after 5pm, your second preference is between 12-2pm.

You told us that you’d like to see us provide you with links to resources, templates and tools including personal development plans and links to careers advice.

We took time to consider every response and comment. We hope by now, you have begun to see how our approach and programme has been informed by you – from our new website and members area, our new branding and comms, to the introduction of an annual theme with seasonal strands to focused podcasts, talks, workshops, resources and articles.

We welcome your feedback at any time, please just contact us. Remember, please do complete your ‘Spotlight on YOU’ survey, here.

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