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Updated: Feb 1

Hey everyone,

Firstly, congratulations on making it through January! We hope you're all safe and well.

You may have noticed that things are a little different here at WIBAP HQ. We've decided to give WIBAP a complete overhaul (new year, new me?), with a refreshed website, new logo, new vision and mission, and even a few new faces! All of this has been a good few months in the making, but we're so glad that we can finally share it with you.

We're ready for a year full of blog posts, guest appearances, podcasts, more virtual events, more networking, and extra opportunities for member discussions.

The WIBAP team has really pulled together over the past few months, working evenings and weekends around bids and family life to bring our relaunch plan into reality. We hope you like it!

Why have we decided to rebrand?

After an extraordinary year, there's been a significant shift in how we work as an industry; there are new pressures on women within the bidding world and in the workplace in general, and a change in perspective when it comes to wellbeing and mental health for all of us, regardless of gender.

Following our survey at the end of the year, we are glad to see that just under half of our respondents said they felt they have gained more equality or more confidence to address inequality in their business within the past two years. This is great news, but there's still more work to be done! Many respondents said they still feel as though they're viewed as admin, or struggle on a daily basis to gain buy in (and often respect) from senior, male stakeholders.

This brings us to our vision:

To shape the future of our profession: creating a bidding world where gender inequality no longer exists.

This is what we all want, right?!

We already have a fantastic community who are helping us to highlight the challenges women often face within the profession, through open discussion and sharing advice with one another. Let's talk more, support each other, and take decisive actions that can really bring about change.

With this in mind, our new mission is:

To achieve gender equality in the bidding profession, by supporting individuals and organisations to take ownership of their responsibilities and make positive change. We aim to accomplish this by: strengthening our community, sparking real conversation, and taking purposeful action.

So what does 2021 look like?

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that it's best not to make too many predictions. Instead, we're focusing on things we can control, which will be a lot more ways to engage with WIBAP! Our plans include:

  • Our annual conference - it's going to be a little different this year, but we won't let anything stop us!

  • Webinar programme, with guest speakers and a chance to ask questions to our experts, live

  • Our brand-new podcast 'Your ITT: Invitation to Talk'

  • A new member area on our website, with forums for discussion and focus groups to address your questions

  • Opportunities for you to write blogs for the website and feature in our podcast

How can you get involved?

  • Join our LinkedIn Group to connect with other WIBAP members

  • Follow our LinkedIn Page to keep see what we're up to

  • Subscribe on our website to receive updates as a WIBAP Active Member

So thank you for being part of the WIBAP journey, whether you've been with us from the beginning or have only just found us. We do everything for you, our members, so we hope you're excited for what we've got coming up. Strap in and let's tackle things as we always do - together.

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