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Working together to build a welcoming, balanced and fair profession.

By signing up to our Pledge you are saying that you stand up for wellbeing and equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) as a bid and proposal professional. This means you commit to listening, learning, speaking up and taking action where it's possible, safe and right for you to do so.

WIBAP commits to playing a leading role in this process. We will work with affiliates, partners and the wider industry to drive wellbeing and EDI in our profession.


as of May 2023

The Pledge

As a member of our profession, I will:

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What is the WIBAP Pledge?

> Commits individuals to support their peers, regardless of their level or role;


> Recognises that individuals can take steps to encourage wellbeing and EDI within their role;


> Requires the individual to proactively learn about the challenges faced in our profession, and actively become an ally.

I commit to promote wellbeing and EDI within my organisation and the profession by:

> paying attention to the workplace culture and the wellbeing of my peers;

> staying alert to my environment and being aware of potential challenges that others face;

> treating all peers fairly and considerately, including those I manage, train or mentor;

> using my influence to promote wellbeing, drive EDI and advocate for equal opportunities for all;

> continuing to adapt as thinking, awareness and language evolves;

> learning how to be an ally to others;

> championing WIBAP initiatives.

I will strive to:

> identify opportunities to create a more inclusive, fair and open environment for my peers and the profession;


> speak out for myself and others, where possible, by highlighting unfair or unequal treatment;

> encourage and support WIBAP’s mission by actively learning more about wellbeing, EDI and unconscious bias.

Sign our Pledge

Please complete the form to sign our Pledge. 

*By signing, you agree for your name to be published in our signatories list. If you would like to sign and have your name kept private, or have any questions about the Pledge, please contact

Thank you for signing up to the WIBAP Pledge!

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